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Apical is the alliance created between the main participants of the Edible Insects Industry of Latin America, to promote and support the development of the industry in the region.



As producers of Latin American Edible Insects, we are pioneers in the development of this new industry, which is undoubtedly the future of human and animal nutrition.

Together we can take our ventures to another level, advancing in a safer, faster and more sustainable way.


. Promote the use of edible insects as raw material in animal feed.

. Promote the inclusion of edible insects in the daily human diet.

. Work together to access national, regional and international markets.


. Develop scientific studies in conjunction with university institutions, research units and public and private entities, in order to generate reliable information bases, which serve as support to regulators for their information and better decision-making and legislation of the Insect Industry Groceries, with benefits for both participants and consumers.


. Design, propose and recommend a manual of good manufacturing practices and basic hygiene, which is voluntary for all partners, but which guarantees a minimum of quality in the production of edible insects.


If you are part of the Edible Insect Industry anywhere in the world, have an affinity with this sector or simply want to support the #APICAL initiative, you can become a SPONSOR .

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