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jue 24 de jun



Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series - Europe meets South-East Asia

Showcasing business challenges and opportunities for innovative green urban solutions to help mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss ¿Los insectos se ajustan a la factura? Creo que sí. Tendré unos minutos para explicar cómo, con una rápida presentación.

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Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series - Europe meets South-East Asia
Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series - Europe meets South-East Asia

Horario y ubicación

24 jun 2021, 2:00 a.m. GMT-5


Acerca del evento

Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series is designed to bring together demanding stakeholders from smart cities and municipalities, state, agricultural and educational institutions, corporates and impact investors looking to go greener with groundbreaking bio-inspired and cleantech innovators from around the world ready to provide tools for a healthier environment, applicable nature-based solutions and ecosystem services for the built environment.

There's a growing urban population in need of every square inch of green, glimpse of nature, savings of GHG emissions and being connected to wildlife to help reduce the effects of extreme weather events, heat islands, pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series aims at showcasing cities leading the green recovery revolution globally, responsible corporates with best practice net-zero pledges and climate-friendly programs getting the worldwide recognition they deserve. We intend to introduce some of the most innovative urban nature-based, bio-inspired, eco-friendly and cleantech business solutions designed to help regenerate a degrading planet.

During the first, June 24 session of a series of business livecast events by Green Urbanics, you'll be invited to hear from urban sustainability champions looking for the latest innovative green solutions from Europe and South East Asia. Their presentations will be followed by pitches from green business nature-based solution providers, a live Q&A session and an optional hour of 1-on-1 networking with the speakers. Look for virtual exhibition booths throughout the event - all in a compact, 3-hour online format, starting at 8 a.m. London time / 3 p.m. Singapore time.

Our projected line-up for the event:

9:10 a.m. CET

Dr. Juliet Staples / Urban GreenUP manager at the City of Liverpool - Challenges to Implementing NBS

Mr. Richard Betts / Sustainability director at KPMG - What works in sustainability and regenerative practices

Ms. Amy Haddon / Sustainability manager at Schneider Electric - tbc

Mr. Filippo Ferraris / Co-founder and international sales director at Enerbrain - Energy efficiency with IoT and Artificial Intelligence: the present and future of energy in buildings

Mr. Zoltán Sejpes / Director of Agritech Services at Tungsram Lighting - Food Security – Tungsram Indoor Farming Ecosystem

Mr. Peter Sanger / Founder and CEO of Green City Solutions - We grow fresh air

Ms. Lisa Veale / Marketing Manager at Vivara Pro - Biodiversity boost in sustainable construction

Mr. Oliver Cunningham / Co-founder and NED at Ranmarine / Wasteshark - Sharks at work for sustainable Smart Cities

Mr. Massimo Reverberi / Founder and CEO at Bugsolutely - The future of insect-based diets

Mr. Ahmad Mu’azzam / Founder and CEO at Evocco - For sustainable retail shopping

Mr. Raphael Cazalbou / Founder and CEO at iBAG/HRK-Group - Biodegradable and compostable alternatives to common household plastics

Topics our innovators intend to cover include

  • novel renewable technologies adapted to urban/rural life
  • building energy and resource efficiency
  • green office/room interiors, vegetation walls and facades
  • indoor farming and aquaponics with intelligent IoT sensors and lighting
  • access to parklets, community gardening and rewilded areas
  • green/blue/purple roofs and storm retention services
  • nature-friendly incentives to raise awareness and evolve human behavior
  • smart urban planning and mobility approaches for greater resiliency
  • blue-green infrastructure and biophilic architecture
  • native tiny urban forests, agroforestry solutions and a touch of nature
  • and many more..

Interested in what the most advanced biophilic cities are doing to utilize nature-based solutions to mitigate the harmful effects of heat islands, climate change and extreme weather events?

Would you like to know more about how the next generation can be educated on the many positives nature and connecting to wildlife can bring?

Are you intruiged by the numerous clever solutions helping urbanites make healthier, more climate-friendly, educated and sustainable decisions in everday life?

...if yes, then Green Urbanics Business Livecast Series is the place to be, learn, share best practices and meet green champions and solution providers!

For more details on this event, available partnership and sponsoring opportunities or for general info on Green Urbanics, visit and leave a comment for the organizers.

(Half of all premium sponsorship fees will be allocated directly to carbon trade schemes to immediately contribute to regenerating planet Earth. For the same reasons, Green Urbanics Business Livecast Event Series will continue to stay online to avoid unnecessary travel and the corresponsing carbon footprint bumps. To take it further, with our excellent support from Future-Now and BGE University, we'll provide a carbon footprint savings calculation for each of our events based on travels avoided.)

Infographs courtesy of IUCN, Springer Nature and the UN Environmental Program, thanks for the instructive visual descriptions!

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